DIY KIT - Couture Angel Wings

DIY KIT - Couture Angel Wings

Make your own adult size angel wings!

Stop guessing and get a complete kit of supplies!

This kit contains everything you need to make a floor length set of angel wings, direct from the professional wing designers at Homespun Heart.

Your kit contains:

Industrial wire for frame

Tulle fabric for body

End caps for wire

Professional quality adjustable elastic straps with fasteners to attach to frame.

Enough feathers in the appropriate size to make a 60” long set *

Your choice of 15 colors, only one color per kit.

There is NOT a tutorial included in this kit, this is the supply kit only.

We are not responsible for how your wings turn out, we are only providing you with the appropriate materials needed, a very basic instruction sheet is included.  We are not available

to answer questions, sorry, you are on your own with this DIY venture!  We can't give away

all of our secrets!!!!

We make wings every day and know EXACTLY what is needed to make a set!

Stop guessing and get a complete kit!

Look on YouTube for tutorials if needed, you will need a hot glue gun and scissors. A mannequin is recommended to hang your frame during assembly.

We ship just about anywhere! If your country is not listed we can add it.


We are not responsible for delayed, lost or stolen packages.  Packages stolen off your porch are not covered.  We do recommend shipping insurance which can be added for $13.75.


NO RETURNS, CANCELLATIONS, EXCHANGES OR REFUNDS FOR THIS ITEM AS IT IS CUSTOM MADE TO ORDER. (If there are any issues, please contact us within 24 hours of receiving your order)  


Adverting photos by Homespun Memories Photography, Erin Merrero, Mirage Photography and Reina LeGrand Photography


To see more images from some of our amazing customers, check out our facebook and instagram @homespunheartprops


No refunds, returns, exchanges or cancellations for this item.  DO NOT PURCHASE THIS ITEM IF YOU ARE PLANNING TO MAKE WINGS FOR RESALE, THIS IS FOR PERSONAL USE ONLY.  We also do not allow duplication of this kit for resale.  By ordering you agree to these terms.

Please do not share details of contents to others, this is between you and us please.  We have worked very hard to design our wings and appreciate you investing in the kit, but sharing the info from the kit could keep others from purchasing the kit, which hurts us as small business owners.

* We include the standard amount of feathers that we use to make a full size adult set.  We understand that you may not know the exact same placement/fullness of the feathers when making yours, so if you start at one end/one side making them too full, you could run out of feathers before you get to the other side/end.  Look at photos of our wings and you can get an idea of how we place the feathers, you can always go back and add more in when you are done, but if you run out before finishing you will have to purchase more feathers so be careful with this!


    NO RETURNS, EXCHANGES OR REFUNDS FOR THIS ITEM AS IT IS CUSTOM MADE TO ORDER. (If there are any issues, please call customer service within 24 hours of receiving your order) We are not responsible for damaged, lost or stolen packages.