46" Dried Pampas Grass

46" Dried Pampas Grass

  • 46" Preserved Natural Pampas Grass 12 pack. Pack includes 4 stems with plumes 3" to 4.25" wide and 8 stems with plumes 4.75" to 7.75" wide. Total grass plume length ranges from 17.75" to 23.5".
  • This is real dried pampas and will have some shedding
  • Pampas is a natural grass and can vary from one pack to another. Immediately remove pampas from protective packaging after receiving. Gently shake and open pampas with your fingers to create a strong visual impact. Store upright in a cool, dry location.  We recomend hairspray to help with this once you fluff up your pieces for display!
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